Molybdenum dioxide is the chemical compound with the formula MoO2. It is a violet-colored solid and is a metallic conductor. Most of the Molybdenum Concentrate is roasted to convert the sulfide to oxide, which is known as Technical Molybdic Oxide. Technical Oxide is the most common means of adding molybdenum to steel. Alternatively, a mixture of Technical Oxide and iron oxide can be reduced by aluminum in a thermite reaction to produce Ferro Molybdenum (also referred to as FeMo). Foundries generally use Ferro Molybdenum when adding Molybdenum to cast irons and steels, and steel mills may prefer it to Technical Oxide for some types of steels.

The Molybdenite concentrate can also be subjected to further processing to produce an upgraded product that can be used as a solid lubricant.

Pure Molybdic Oxide can be produced from Technical Oxide by either a sublimation process or a wet chemical process that also produces an Ammonium Molybdate. Pure Oxide is suitable for use by chemical and catalyst manufacturers, who cannot use Technical Oxide due to its impurity content.

We are offering Molybdenum Concentrates of mainly western origin (United States, Chile, Canada, Peru ) & China origin.