Non Ferrous Metal Scrap

Non Ferrous Metals Scrap :- Non-Ferrous metals form the good share of the overall scrap recycling business of Fondelco. All metals except iron and steel form the Non- Ferrous metal group. The group consists of metals including copper, aluminium, brass, lead, zinc and nickel. The Non-Ferrous metal scarps have among the highest of values in the market though these have a comparatively smaller share of the scrap metal market.

Fondelco mainly deals in the following Non-Ferrous metal scraps as per ISRI specifications;

Aluminium Scrap
Aluminium Scrap
Tense, Trump, Talk, Taint/Tabur & Mix Aluminium Scrap.
Copper Scrap
Berry, Birch Cliff, Dream Tank, Candy
Berry, Birch Cliff, Dream Tank, Candy, Mill Berry, Mix Copper & Wire.
Brass/Bronze Scrap
Honey, Ocean, Brass Rods
Honey, Ocean, Brass Rods.