Forensic Services

Questioned Documents & Hand Writing Examination Identification and Comparison of the handwriting including the various documents like suicide or anonymous letter, bill, ransom note, will, cheque etc.
Finger Print Examination and Analysis Development of invisible or partially visible fingerprints,Development of fingerprints from different objects like glass, metal, wood etc. or documents or photograph
Photograph Identification and Verification Examination and matching of facial features of photograph, photograph from CCTV footage, pixel/blurring in photograph, edited photograph, somatoscopic features
Forensic Biology & DNA Profiling Identification of blood, determination of blood group, Species determination from Blood, The analysis of blood patterns on clothing, weapons, floor etc.
Forensic Botany and Wild Life Forensics Pollen Grain Identification,Wood Identification,Other Botanical Evidences,Plant DNA,Paw Print Identification Other Evidences related to Wild Life,Wildlife DNA
Forensic Serology Identification and Examination commonly encountered body fluids including blood, semen, saliva, urine and vaginal material in different cases, including assaults and sexual offences, murder, suicide and homicide etc.
Forensic Toxicology Extension, Isolation and identification of different poisons in different cases like accidental poisoning, suicide, homicide abortifacient and cattle poison etc.
Crime Scene Investigation & Reconstructions Visit the scene of incidents or scene of crime like hit and run , theft, burglary sexual assault ,murder and suicide etc. Protection of crime scene
Cyber Forensics Cyber Forensic, data collection from Crime Scene,Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter etc) Crime Investigation WhatsApp message verification
Forensic Anthropology Individual identification with help ofsomatomatric features and anthropometric measurements
Forensic Physics Identification and Examination of different physical evidence in different cases like hit and run ,burglary, arson, theft and murder etc.
Firearm & Balistics Opinion on related firearm,cartridgecase, bullets and GSR etc
Other Services We are providing other services e.g. Insurance Investigation, Medicolegal Consultancy, Cross Examination, Counselling Services and Food Adulteration..etc.


Fondelco Forensic Science Laboratory (FFSL) is India’s most reputed and recognized independent Forensic Science Laboratory, duly registered with Government of India (MCA, Govt. of India) and an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation.It has sole objective of helping the victims of Crime and Injustice by providing Scientific Investigation and Detective services using modern Forensic tools and techniques at affordable costs with International Quality.

Fondelco Forensic Science Laboratory (FFSL) provides various type of legally requisite expert services i.e. Handwriting expert, signature verification and analysis, fingerprint expert, Investigations, Education, Research, Security Services, cybercrime investigation, criminal cases, crime prevention, DNA Test, private detective, Scientific equipment etc. by accredited forensic experts to individuals and organizations, civilizations directly without the referral of the Police or Courts.

Fondelco Forensic Science Laboratory (FFSL) was established in 2019 by Dr. Nidhi Sharma, having the qualifications as M.Sc. (Forensic Science), Ph. D. She has around 14 years experience of Research in the field of Forensic Science with State & Central Govt Universities of India. FFSL having other most competent forensic experts of India who are highly trained and skilled in the field of Forensic investigation having many years of working experiences in their respective fields of forensic science departments.

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