Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese

Ferro Manganese, a ferroalloy with high content of Manganese, is made by heating a mixture of Manganese oxides (MnO2) and Iron oxide (Fe2O3), with carbon usually as coal & Coke in either a blast furnace or an electric arc furnace. They undergo a thermal decomposition reaction. It is used as a deoxidizer for steel. We are offering the production of Ferro Manganese with Medium Carbon as.

Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese Specifications

McFeMn Mn %Min Si %Max C %Max P %Max S %Max
78% Grade 78 1.2 1.0/1.5 0.20/0.30 0.03
75% Grade 75 2/4 1.5/2.0 0.30/0.35 0.04
70% Grade 70 2/4 2.0 0.30/0.35 0.04

Size : As per Customers Request ranging between 10 to 250 MM

Packing : Bulk / 50 Kg Bags / 1 MT Big Bags (As Per Customer Request)

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