Silicon Metal

Silicon is the most common metalloid. It is a chemical element, which has the symbol Si and atomic number 14. As the eighth most common element in the universe by mass, Silicon very rarely occurs as the pure free element in nature, but is more widely distributed in dusts, planetoids and planets as various forms of Silicon Dioxide (Silica) or Silicates. On Earth, Silicon is the second most abundant element (after oxygen) in the crust, making up 25.7% of the crust by mass.

Silicon has many industrial uses. Silicon is widely used in semiconductors because it remains a semiconductor at higher temperatures than the semiconductor germanium and because its native oxide is easily grown in a furnace and forms a better semiconductor/dielectric interface than any other material. Silicon is alloyed with aluminium for use in engines as the presence of Silicon improves the metal’s castability.

Silicon can enhance iron’s magnetic properties. It is also an important component of steel, which is toughens.

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