Mission and Vision

With a mission to rule the market with an iron fist, Fondelco has envisioned a great future for the Iron and Steel industry with their permeation at the ground level to penetrate into the industry and follow the path of its glorifying future. Fondelco also envisions for re- defining the parameters of performance in numerous ways for becoming the iron and steel benchmark for quality creation as this will ensure a complete commitment to the righteous practices for doing business along with a customer-oriented visualization.

Customers’ Company!

Providing services that have always won the heart and trust of our venerated patrons, Fondelco has a vision to “make it big” in the ‘Iron and Steel’ industry by providing supreme and superior services by making a mark.

Quality Is “The Whole Thing”!

The finest of the metals & alloys have to pass through the hottest flames! At Fondelco, we believe in providing the finest of iron and steel, metals & alloys which adhere to the industry’s benchmarked quality standards as they have come on our shelf only after being tested for quality by the widely accredited ‘metal & alloys analysis team’ who have passed our material for quality and perfection.

Go Green!

Fondelco also tries to always keep the surroundings clean by following the environment- friendly approaches at work so as to create a clean environment both inside the factories as well as outside them.