Forensic Science is science used for the purposes of law, and provides impartial scientific evidencefor civil and criminal investigation and trials.

Physical evidence encompasses any and all objects found at the crime scene that can establish that a crime has been committed or can link a crime, victim or culprit includes hair, skin, fibres, fingerprints, blood, DNA, weapons, soil, glass, documents, footmarks, bite-marks, tyre-marks, skid marks ,clothes, Debit card, Credit card, computer ,cell phone, papers, gunshot and bullets etc.
A place where a variety of evidence material tests in laboratory by scientists of various divisions, with one objective to connect all possible links between the crime with criminal and victim is called a Forensic Science Laboratory. It offers a full scientific service from crime scene to courts.
Indian High Courts, Session Courts, Subordinate Courts etc. have millions of cases are pending, sothey are overburdened to facilitate the speedy disbursal of justice to every individual or institution inIndia, who find difficulty in approaching courts or police for resolving their internal, family or businessdisputes.
The information provided to FFSL regarding the matter kept highly confidential.
The reports are given usually within a week and in emergency case in a few days.
The reports given by FFSL are valid in the court of law according to Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act.
All the experts of FFSL are well qualified, trained, experienced and accredited Forensic Scientists.
FFSL services provide for Sessions Courts, District Courts, High Courts, CBI, CID, Police Commission, Corporate, Banks, Financial Institutions and Individuals get opinion to different matters.
FFSL provides wide range of services such as Crime Scene Investigation, Questioned Documents, Disputed Fingerprints, DNA Profiling, Cyber Crime Analysis, Insurance Investigation, and Medico-LegalConsultancy, etc. FFSL also providing Forensic Education, Training, Consultancy etc.