Ferro Tungsten

Ferro Tungsten is an alloy, which is formed by combining iron and tungsten with tungsten range as 70-75 and 75-82% respectively. Ferro Tungsten is a remarkable robust alloy because of its high melting point, it has the second highest melting points after carbon.

Ferro Tungsten as an additive to the production process of ferrous metals will impart several desirable properties upon the new alloy. One of the primary benefits of adding Ferro Tungsten to an alloy is to increase the alloy’s melting point, making it suitable for aerospace applications as well as welding applications. Ferro Tungsten is an important alloying element in high-speed and other tool steels, and is used to a lesser extent in some stainless and structural steels. Ferro Tungsten is often added to steel melts as Ferro Tungsten, which can contain up to 80% tungsten.

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