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Fondelco at Work!

Fondelco’s operations are thoroughly managed under the resourceful direction of the company’s Directors, closely within the solid framework set by the team-at-work as well as by following the corresponding process rules defined by the Board itself, conforming to various management guidelines and adhering to the international standards set to outreach the global audience.

Directors’ Desk

Dr. Nidhi Sharma (Director, Corporate Affairs). An M.Sc. in Forensic Science and Ph.D. She is expert in Fraud Detection & Forgery of documents, She is a true perfectionist at work! Her caliber is just beyond the best and her presence at work solidifies Fondelco’s operations. She is a woman of substance, a woman of work, caliber and potential and a woman with a vision, vision to succeed and to make Fondelco an Internationally acclaimed brand!

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Mr. Manish Sharma (Director, International Business Development). An M.Sc. in Statistics, MBA in Foreign Trade, he has around 15+ years of thorough industry experience with various Iron and Steel Industries, in which he had spent almost 5 years in Europe & United States and has traveled across the world (Far East, Middle East, American, African & European countries ) for various International Business Development processes. He is a workaholic with an innate talent to do every job at his best. He is the name behind Fondelco and only with his wishes, dreams and hardworking; Fondelco is what it is today!

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