Cobalt Metal

Cobalt is a shiny, brittle metal that is used to produce strong, corrosion and heat resistant alloys, permanent magnets and hard metals. It is one of the three naturally occurring magnetic metals (Iron and Nickel being the other two) and retains its magnetism at a higher temperature (2012°F, 1100°C) than any other metal. In other words, Cobalt has the highest curie point in all metals. Cobalt also has valuable catalytic properties.

Super Alloys ( such as satellite), are the largest consumer of Cobalt Metal, accounting for about 20% of demand. Predominantly made of iron, cobalt and nickel, but containing smaller amounts of other metals, including chromium, tungsten, aluminum and titanium, these high-performance alloys are resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and wear, and are used to manufacture turbine blades for jet engines, hard facing machine parts, exhaust valves and gun barrels.

Cobalt is also used to produce permanent magnets, such as samarium-cobalt magnets. Magnets account for 7% of Cobalt Metal demand and are used in magnetic recording media, electric motors, as well as generators.

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